Monday, 24 October 2011

Part One

Hi all those of you who know me, I am Chanoro Flashfreeze, ya know, the tall, thin, crazy and awesome one, with ice in his hair. Anyway, thats me but this is a new style of writing I'm gonna try, I'm going to write a story as a diary, here is installment one, enjoy!

David-An 18-year-old boy, living in the year 2032, he is a have-not, one of countless thousands, he plays and now, effectively lives, in the virtual universe known as MEGAVERSE.

There are three types of people in the MEGAVERSE, Haves, human controlled avatars living both in the real world and in the virtual one, then there are Have-Nots, those whose bodies in the real world are dead, they live only in the MEGAVERSE and if they die there, they die for good. The third type of people are the rogues, rogue avatars, software that has evolved the ability to think, to feel and to make choices independent of their programming, the designers and creators of MEGAVERSE, The Corporation, call the rogues Virals, and are intent on wiping them out. The Corporation is going to shut MEGAVERSE down and transfer all the Haves and Have-Nots to an upgraded universe, vastly superior in design to MEGAVERSE, it will be called TRITIUM. The Corporation have set up impenetrable and deadly firewalls that will stop rogues from transferring to TRITIUM, all the Rogues will die, David must work together with others to save the Universe… This, is his diary

1st of March, 2032, 2:00 am

The days are getting longer again, The Corporation designed it well-too well, you can easily lose touch with the world-the real world, I mean. The body dies but the spirit lives on, that’s what I am, an echo, a ghost, hah! That’s funny. A digital ghost, roaming the countless worlds, never at peace.

But hey, no use being bitter, it means that I can live it up, I don’t need food or drink, or sleep, I can do whatever I want, game 24/7, if I want to. But you still have to be careful, like the real world, I only get one life, but if I am careful, I’ll live forever.

3:45 pm

I’ve gotten back into racing, I know it’s stupid, one bad crash and I’m out, game over-permanently, but with the adrenalin pumping through me, I dunno, I guess, I just feel alive.

6:22 pm

I played 27 rounds of cannon brawl until I got tired of it, I beat my record- 22,560, for 27,920 points, a massive score and nearly top of the charts, sometimes I feel like a bit of a game freak, but who cares right? Not me, that’s for sure.